Ludwig von Mises Quotes on Gold

Ludwig von Mises was in every respect the greatest economist of the twentieth century. From the book The Quotable Mises, these are the best nine quotes form Ludwig von Mises on gold and the gold standard according to the The Mises Institute:

Ludwig von Mises’s Top 9 Quotes on Gold

Shariah gold standard

The developments of the Shariah gold standard could lead to a dramatic increase in demand for physical gold coins and bars in the Islamic world, and is expected to contribute to a significant increase in the price of gold.

Shariah gold standard may send gold prices flying high

Gold Graham Summers Phoenix Capital

Some consider gold and other precious metals to be unproductive investments compared to stocks. According to Graham Summers, Chief Market Strategist at Phoenix Capital Research, these “experts” are conveniently ignoring some significant facts…

The case for gold compared to stocks

Trends in China Goldmarkt

According to a recently published article by the Hard Assets Alliance Team, the current developments in the Chinese economy will have a significant impact on the future gold market—greatly altering it from what we see today.

5 trends in China set to alter the gold market forever

silver gaining momentum

Silver is having a good few weeks… Scratch that, a good year… In fact, in the past three weeks, the white metal has seen it’s largest advance in more than a year—13% since April 1.

Silver is gaining momentum, what does this mean?

gold silver ratio

As market factors such as economic uncertainty, inflation and debt are on the rise, investing in gold and silver is an attractive option. Because of the gold silver ratio many experts believe that at current rates “undervalued” silver may soon outperform gold.

Gold silver ratio may indicate it’s a good time to buy silver

Antje Krey Pretagus

Due to a stable global demand, the price for diamonds is expected to increase significantly, according to Antje Krey, managing director of Pretagus GmbH. The time to invest in diamonds is currently favorable, however, it must be done carefully, as only the right diamonds are a good investment and can be a worthwhile alternative to gold.

Are diamonds an alternative to gold?