It’s that time of year again. Olympic games season. Athletes prepare their whole life for a few minutes (if that) to showcase their incredible skills. In the end, only one can walk away with the gold medal. But has it always been that way? With the games just recently coming to a close we wanted to take a look at what really goes on with those famous medals. History of the Olympic Medals The first traces of the Olympic games date way back. More than 2,700 years in fact to Greece in 776 BC. At this time, medals weren’t awarded […]

A little history of the Olympic gold medal

2016 has been gold’s year. Geopolitical uncertainties are increasing interest in the precious metal and investment has reached record rates. And, oh yeah, it’s the most coveted achievement at a little competition called the Olympics for athletes all over the world. Could this be described as a gold rush? Investor’s appetites show no sign of satiation According to CNBC, figures from the World Gold Council indicate record investment in gold for the first half of 2016. A whopping 1,064 tons to be exact. This figure is 16 percent higher than the first half of 2009, at the height of the […]

A 2016 gold rush?! How long can this last?

As history progressed, the meaning of gold to the people also went through a significant change. During the Renaissance period, the yellow metal took on a new meaning. Instead of a symbol of the heavens, the sacred and godly presence, it would become the icon of power and wealth. The Renaissance: a period to decorate the elite From the 1500s, elaborate and ornate golden jewels were designed and constructed to decorate the powerful royalty and societal elite. It was a sign of power and wealth, but most importantly, status. The most important and powerful kings and queens of the Renaissance […]

A history of gold in art: the Renaissance

Ever heard the name “Donald Trump”? The Republican candidate for the upcoming Presidential election is a main fixture on the majority of media outlets—both on a national and global scale. Oh and guess what? He really likes gold. Trump and gold The 2016 Republican National Convention was a display of many things. One of them was the love affair of Trump and gold. The jumbotron was flanked on both side with gold pillars. The stairs leading to the stage were lit with a golden light. His massive name with backlit with none other than… you guessed it… a warm golden […]

Trump loves gold, and it may love him back too

Gold prices rallied just above a three-week low on Thursday after slipping to the lowest prices since late June. This comes after the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to leave interest rates at record lows as it looks to revitalize growth and inflation with cheap credit to the economy. Additionally, the ECB announced they would consider integrating stimulus as needed once the economic impact of the Brexit vote have are made clearer.

Gold rallies after three-week low, ECB announces stimulus

With the rise of Christianity, gold took on a new purpose. In Rome, Pagan gods were replaced with a single creator. Instead of building a connection between gold and spirituality, early Christians rejected wealth and luxury—including gold. Perhaps the first poor god in history To the early Christians, modesty and humbleness were considered valuable traits. After all, they were regularly attributed to Christ, considered the first poor god in history—just a humble shepherd. When the rich and powerful Roman Emperor Constantine first converted to Christianity in 312 AD, it was considered little short of a miracle. For a man who […]

History of gold in art: Christianity

In today’s consumer society, gold has become a symbol of money. But what was its significance of this shiny metal to those civilizations that came even thousands of years before us? Let’s start with one ancient civilization that has come to be identified with golden treasures like no other: ancient Egypt. An embarrassment of riches Unlike many other ancient societies, ancient Egypt had unique characteristics. Many other cultures searched for gold from faraway lands. They would trade and barter to get their hands on this precious metal. In northeast Africa, however, the Egyptians were blessed with seemingly unlimited reserves of […]

History of gold in art: ancient Egypt

As the historic Brexit vote drew closer, we saw the “safe haven investment” gold becoming increasingly popular, rising steadily in price. Experts and analysts predicted that if the “Leave” vote was a in the majority, this could only mean more good news for gold. Guess what? They were right.

Gold and Silver live up to Brexit hype

Ancient history may soon repeat itself in Egypt. Close to the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, ancient mines provide guidance to modern gold miners towards new sources for gold in the Egypt’s eastern desert.

Ancient mines in Egypt provide clues for explorers

The potential exit of Britain from the European Union, more simply known as Brexit will have big impacts on the political, financial and social environment of citizens. Concerns have already shifted financial markets, even before a single “Leave” vote was cast. One of the biggest beneficiaries, however, of the so-called Brexit is gold.

Brexit may be good news for gold